Teaching Online

As post-secondary institutions look at expanding their student-base and start to offer courses through distance education, it is no surprise that teaching students over the Internet will become a reality for some instructors. Reading through Brookfield’s section on Teaching Online, I found it to be very informative in the idea that an online student isn’t … More Teaching Online

Equity Pedagogy

Doing some research for diversity within the classroom, I came across a Ted Talk that mentions an interesting phrase I had never heard of – Equity Pedagogy.  According to Cherry A. McGee Banks and James A. Banks in their paper Equity Pedagogy: An Essential Component of Multi-cultural Education Equity Pedagogy is defined as: “teaching strategies and … More Equity Pedagogy

Some Comments about Assumptions of Skillful Teaching

Reading through the second chapter of the Skillful Teacher by Stephen Brookfield, I am perplexed by a couple of comments that he makes. First of all, he comments about leaving the classroom for a period of time for his panel of former students to speak with the class.  However in one of the sentences, he … More Some Comments about Assumptions of Skillful Teaching